«Our customer satisfaction is based on the safety, reliability and punctuality
of our services. »

With over 40 years of experience, today Matra Autotrasporti is a leader in the national and international transport of liquid food. Every year it renews its fleet of tankers in order to ensure a more advanced service that fully respects the environment.


Operating across Europe, Matra Autotrasporti specialises in the transportation of liquid foods such as fruit juice, milk, wine, must and oil in isothermal tanks. With a fleet of 40 state-of-the-art tankers, all Euro 5/6, Matra Autotrasporti is able to provide a service that meets all of its customers’ needs, at the same time fully respecting the environment. All of the tankers are equipped with GPS for the real-time tracking of both the vehicles and transported goods.


Our cleaning station is equipped with two cleaning bays for food tanks which house avant-garde equipment that guarantees the highest level of quality and cleanliness.

Services offered:

  • Sanitization / sterilization of the tanks, thanks to 5 micron steam filtration and a temperature of 180 °.
  • Issuance of the ECD (European Cleaning Document) / EFTCO.
  • Cleaning procedures in accordance with the VdF 2014 specifications.
  • Tests for ATP, Turbidity, Conductivity, PH.

Matra Autotrasporti not only looks after its vehicles, it also sees to the comfort of its drivers, offering them lounges, showers and free fax and e-mail services.


Matra Autotrasporti srl is an environmentally conscious company and uses a completely biological wastewater treatment plant.
Furthermore, the entire structure is fed by a photovoltaic system for the production of renewable energy.


Respecting people and nature is a fundamental ethical commitment that Matra Autotrasporti srl always bears in mind.
The certifications obtained by the company are the result of this firm commitment, which puts quality, safety and ecological sustainability at the centre of the company’s operations.


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